Design a Pitch-Ready Presentation

Create Your Show-Stopping 
Digital & Printable Portfolio Book

The InDesign Your Portfolio Course is a step-by-step blueprint for creating a professional portfolio in Adobe InDesign so you can confidently pitch to your dream clients.

This course is for surface pattern designers and illustrators who have a body of work and want to learn InDesign to be able to organize and submit it to art directors in a beautiful way. You have big dreams and goals and you’re so close to achieving them. You just need to get your work out there.

I've made creating a portfolio easy and straightforward so you can do it effortlessly, and start getting your beautiful artwork out into the world. Photoshop was made for artwork and photos, Illustrator was made for vector illustrations, and InDesign was MADE for layouts. And with Adobe InDesign, you can easily get your portfolio book printed AND embed it digitally into your website.

You will have instant access to all 4 modules when the course begins on October 3 that cover what to include in your portfolio and then walk you through the exact steps needed to create a professional portfolio document that is ready for your personal customization.

Get your artwork out into the world with a beautiful, easily updatable digital and printable portfolio book made with Adobe InDesign — the industry standard for designing page layouts.

What You Can Expect

Go At Your Own Pace

The InDesign Your Portfolio course begins on October 3 and does not expire. You can watch each lesson as you are ready and keep coming back as long as you would like.

Questions Answered

Join the private Facebook group for 6 weeks of support. I'll answer your questions, and you can share your progress and get feedback from other students.

PDF Resources

Each of the four modules has a corresponding downloadable PDF guide or checklist to help you learn the content and complete the lessons more easily.

Invest Risk Free

The course is backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee. I'm confident in the program and want you to be 100% satisfied. If you are not, I will refund your money.

Hi, I'm Genna Blackburn.

I know what it’s like to be where you are — to want to pitch your artwork but not feel confident in how to do that.

As a licensing artist, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my art on a variety of products out in the world. I was a graphic designer for 15 years before I became a surface designer, so InDesign has been a tool that I’ve been loving and using for my whole career. And now I’ve been able to apply those skills to surface design, namely to make my portfolios that have helped me attract my ideal licensing clients. Let me show you the simple steps to efficiently create your beautiful portfolio book in Adobe InDesign. 

You want to make art and get it out there, and organizing and presenting it doesn’t need to be a hurdle to achieving your goals. I can help you create a portfolio document that is ready for your personal customization and easy to update so you can start pitching to your dream clients.

"Before I took InDesign Your Portfolio I was completely overwhelmed by the program, and had tried (and failed) to create a portfolio I was happy with. Genna's course was so easy to follow, allowing me to create a professional looking portfolio within a few days. By the end of that week I was even confidently pitching my portfolio to art directors. I love how Genna has broken down the content into bite size lessons, as it's so easy to dive back in and find information. This is hands down one of the best and most useful courses I've ever taken and is worth its weight in gold. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

— Clea Broad

Anatomy of a Portfolio

In this module, you will learn what is a portfolio, why you should have one, and what to include, as well as my tips for how to make your work look its best so you can attract the attention of art directors.

  • What’s a Portfolio and Why You Should Have One
  • Digital vs. Print
  • Whether to Password Protect
  • Whether to Have Multiple Portfolios
  • What to Include

Tour of InDesign Tools

Learn the panels of Adobe InDesign, how to set up your workspace, and the most important tools, including how to add text and photos. Download a handy PDF of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

  • Setting Up the Workspace
  • Learn the Essential Tools
  • How to Edit Your Layout With the Most-Commonly Used Panels
  • My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Images

Portfolio Creation Blueprint

Learn my step-by-step process to create your beautiful portfolio in Adobe InDesign. You will set up an easy-to-update document that is ready for your personal customization.

  • Best File Specs & Organization
  • Create a New Document
  • Setting Up Master Pages
  • Add Your Color Swatches
  • Create a Cover & About Page
  • Add Page Numbers
  • Add Paragraph & Character Styles
  • Add Your Artwork
  • Add Hyperlinks

Publishing Online & In Print

Once you've created your portfolio, it’s time to put it out into the world! In this module, I will show you how to export your portfolio book to send to print and to publish online, including how to embed it directly into your website. Download a prepress checklist to make finalizing your portfolio a breeze.

  • Preparing Your File to Be Exported
  • Publish Online with a Unique URL
  • Embed in Website with InDesign
  • Export for Print

See what past students are saying!

Rebekah Lowell

I’ve been overwhelmed by portfolio creation for two years. I've started and stopped other portfolios, even tried a template, but none of them felt right. Enter "InDesign Your Portfolio.” It was a no-brainer for me. I love learning from Genna. The way Genna walks you through the process, from the ground up, makes creating a portfolio feel possible. By the end of the class I was able to design a mini portfolio of one of my collections and now I know how to continue building it out to add more work. Feeling a confidence boost, I even sent out a pitch with my new portfolio the next day!

Katrina Henry

I’ve been dragging my feet for about a year to get a portfolio done. I had created so many unnecessary barriers. But I really appreciated Genna’s approach to “done is better then perfect” and that we don’t need to have everything figured out before starting to pitch. I completed my portfolio so quickly once Genna taught me how to use Adobe InDesign. I had already designed several collections and even a few mock ups, so I was ready to build a portfolio blueprint and start plugging in my designs. I am excited to start pitching to potential clients and there’s nothing standing in my way! Thanks so much Genna! I probably would’ve dragged my feet for many more months without your course. And now I have a new skill in using Adobe InDesign. 

Michael Sheridan

Genna Blackburn's InDesign Your Portfolio course is a nugget of gold for surface pattern designers and illustrators who want to use the latest Adobe software to create and publish a professional portfolio online and in print. Genna's teaching style is direct and to the point with meaningful examples, and tips and tricks for making the most out of the Adobe InDesign publishing software. This course is an absolute must for anyone seeking to publish a professional portfolio. With Genna's assistance, I was surprised at how easy the program is to use, even for a beginner, like me. Now I have the tools necessary for publishing my portfolio. Thank you, Genna, for this important class.

Vivi Furlong

I’ve been using InDesign for years but I’ve learned a lot, and I got to create my portfolio alongside. I never thought I could do it on time, but the course was really easy to follow. Thanks, Genna! You are a great teacher!

Melissa McKeagney

Genna’s InDesign your Portfolio course came at the perfect time in my journey as a budding surface pattern designer. I had tried to cobble together a portfolio by taking classes on Skillshare, but was unsatisfied with my result. After taking Genna’s course, I was able to put together a clean, professional looking portfolio imbued with my own personal design style and aesthetic. I’m feeling excited and proud to begin pitching my work to potential clients!

Annie Holmquist

Genna’s InDesign Your Portfolio course helped me to gain the confidence I was lacking working with InDesign. I now have a beautiful, professionally created portfolio to share with art directors. Genna takes you through the entire process with ease and explains it simply. I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to create a portfolio of their work. 

"When I started the course I had some ideas of what I needed for a portfolio but everything was kind of blurry. I am so glad I took this course because step by step Genna takes you to a very professional and beautiful portfolio. It's amazing how even without noticing I finished my portfolio and now I’m ready to pitch. I recommend this course 100%."

— Ana Villa, Pomponlaville_studio

"I love Genna's teaching style. She breaks everything down so that even a beginner like myself can easily follow along, understand and retain what she's teaching. Genna's positive attitude encourages me to want to keep going and expand on my art career. I'm so excited to keep learning from Genna!"

— Annie Davis

Who is this course for?

> You are a surface designer with a cohesive body of work that you are ready to organize in a way that makes it look its best.

> You want a professional portfolio that is easy to update and can be printed and published online.

> You want to learn the program that was made for designing books that will make things efficient and smooth.

> You want a step-by-step blueprint for putting together a portfolio document that is ready for your personal customization.

> You want to bring joy to others by having your art on products out in the world.

> You want to pitch to your dream clients and to make money from your art.

"Designers know that they need to have a portfolio but there isn't much out there on how to actually create one. Genna's course was just the thing for explaining step by step how to use InDesign specifically for creating a portfolio that is pitch ready. No knowledge of InDesign is needed as Genna clearly walks you through the basics and all you need to know to create a portfolio."

— Lana, Looshka Studio

Invest Risk Free

The InDesign Your Portfolio course is backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee. I strongly believe in this course and that if you put the time in, you will have a beautiful portfolio by the end. I truly feel that you will find value in the step-by-step lessons, the downloadable resources, and the six weeks of support from me via the private Facebook group. However, if after one week you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.